STC Bahrain Starts Accepting Crypto Payments

19 Dec 2022

The Bahrain telecom operator, STC Bahrain, has started acceoting cryptocurrencies, ostensibly making it the first in the kingdom to do so, reports.

Nezar Banabeela, the CEO of STC Bahrain, said:

Rapid digitization across the globe is transforming all aspects of our lives, and payments are the most crucial element. From online shopping and streaming videos to money transfers, almost every digital activity relies on a payment system.

Banabeela also claimed the telecom operator’s move to accept crypto payments demonstrates STC Bahrain’s “strong focus on advancing Bahrain’s fintech sector as world-class digital enablers.” In addition, the CEO said his company plans to make the acceptance of crypto “a seamless process and increase adoption as crypto is the future of payments.”